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Hello November 3rd, I’m turning 17.

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Thank God, November is here, and the third day of November is here too.
I don’t know about you, but turning seventeen is a big deal for me. That means I’m more mature, independent, and able to take care of myself.
I do not crave for much attention… but I simply dedicate this post for myself, in my own blog ^^
Hello November 3rd, I'm turning 17.

First, I want to thank GOD. He’s my Father. My strength. My source of hope, happiness, and life. He’s my saviour. Without Him, I can’t do anything, I won’t live and breathe until this very day. The first thing I did when the clock strikes 12, I pray.

Now, I want to thank my loved ones. My family and ALL of my friends. I love them so much, without them I won’t be the person I am today.

Oh, and including you ^^ Without you I will not be here, writing this blogpost for you.
Last but not least, I want to thank myself. She always here when I needed her to. She works hard, she never quit, she never surrender.

Happy birthday to me…
Despite all the gratefulness,
I promise I will take care of myself more,
I will be a better, better, MUCH better person.
I will be the salt and light to everyone around me.
I will succeed and happy.
I will make my family proud.
And I will achieve my dreams.
with GOD,
anything is, of course, possible.
Thank you so much, for your time reading this post ^^